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Cute White Bench With Storage

 Wouldn't this be awesome in a cottage type room with a cute cushion on it?  It would be perfect blanket storage for cuddling up on chilly nights.

 Also a great toy chest, which is how the owner will be using it for now. 
 Here is the before...

Another Mustard China Hutch...

I guess I wasn't the only one in the mood for yellow!  This is a custom order and it came to me looking like this...
 I love all the great detail on this beautiful piece of furniture.  I added beadboard and some new knobs and that's all it really needed besides a cleaning and some paint!

 Isn't this little door awesome?  And the little corbels below the ledge?
 The worst thing about doing custom work is that I don't have the option of keeping it!!! Bummer!
It's really hard for me to narrow down the pictures because I just want to highlight every square inch of this great detail.  AND the lucky girl said this hutch was given to her! Hope she loves it as much as I do!

Plank Wood Bed

I'm always a sucker for planks of wood.  Not sure what it is...but I love it! So of course I sanded the edges to highlight the individual planks. 
And what is this random door all about?  Maybe it's to help you tuck in the sheets. LOL

Full Size
For Sale!  $145

China Hutch Surgery

I decided to rip all the details off this baby in order to update it! I WISH I would have gotten better before pictures!
 This is the crappy finish that I had to sand off the whole thing.
 I can't find the before picture of the bottom...this is after sanding.  The drawers had this funky swirly design that I puttied over.
 This is after some reconstructive surgery.  I added moulding in 4 different places and none of it matched. It was all stuff I had on hand.  I couldn't remove the shelf for wine glasses, so I added a shelf on top and a piece of moulding. 

I was in the mood for yellow, so I painted it a mustard color and distressed and glazed it.  Dang, I wish I had a place for this in my house! 

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Cute Antique Desk!

And it's FOR SALE!  $150 

Here is the before.  It had a leather top that I removed and put fabric.  Then I brushed the fabric with 4 coats of polyurethane, sanding between each coat.  The desk was also really short so I added some legs and moulding to the bottom to raise it up about 3 inches.  My husband suggested a computer chair that you can move up or down, but that isn't cute!  The chair I found is!  :)

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Does "Shabby Chic" Mean "Crappy Paint"?

My client bought this dresser from a local consignment store and paid them to paint it.  Then, she brought it to me to have it re-painted.  It looked like the top and sides were brushed on very messy fashion, and the rest was sprayed with maybe one coat of paint.  No protective coat. I like things that are distressed, but isn't this taking it a bit far?  Or is this a thing? Hmmmm...well, not my thing.  

And it was falling apart.

So while we were at it, we decided to change colors too!

I'm Trying Not to be Jealous!

Where was I the day this showed up on craigslist?!  My sweet client & friend Liz found this treasure...while I was out of town or I might have beat her to it!  Stuff like this doesn't come along very often.
Some people would DIE if they saw this beauty painted but I'm with Liz.  I like to make stuff (even antiques) my own.  It still has a great story to tell but what's wrong with adding your own touch to an old piece of furniture?

Maybe she'll forget to come pick it up.  (Fingers crossed)

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