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Classic Dresser or TV Stand

$125 Sold

Brown dresser with black glaze

Red Dresser

Cute & functual!

$125 Sold

Chunky Black Dresser & Nightstands

$350 Sold

Have you ever heard the saying "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it will still be a pig". This is sooo true with furniture. Painting a piece of crap just leaves you with a slightly better piece of crap. So, my point is...this is the nicest furniture I have ever refinished!!! I was really intimidated by this one because it's just so solid and was probably very pricey back in the day. I didn't want to mess it up!
Anyway, I think it turned out great. It will probably last through many more "updates" in the years to come!

Two Tone Dresser

$125 Sold

I REALLY want to keep this one! I'm just really loving the two-tone paint and the cute little drawers in the middle. But alas...there is no room. I actually have a mirror that came with this treasure but I want to frame it and haven't had time yet. Sooo... if you're interested and want a mirror with it let me know.

The drawer slides and inside of this dresser are in near perfect condition. I'm wondering if this dresser has ever been used?

Anitque Dresser

$145 Sold
Antique lovers will probably be horrified, but I painted (gasp) this little baby. I LOVE the shape of this dresser. Notice the cute spindle legs and little embellishments. The wheels on this are actually wood! So cool. So it's an antique turned shabby chic and it looks awesome!

I'm a little scared to show the before, but here it is. Hopefully none of you recognize it as an irreplaceable, priceless piece, that I have altered! I'm just not crazy about antiques in their original form.