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Table & Chairs

 I wish I could get a better picture of the tabletop.  It looks kind of splotchy here, but it is a really smooth, gorgeous finish.  It makes me want to refinish my own tabletop.
 Cutest little curvy legs ever!

I think these chairs might be antiques.  They weren't made for the fast food generation for sure. 

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Homemade Monster

 This is a HUGE "something?" that had seen better days.  It was destined for the dump when my client jumped in and said, "I WANT THAT!"  She's the same girls that saw the potential in this headboard.  Yup, she has vision. 

The leaded glass is pretty, but it had some broken panes and I have no idea how to fix that.  Since she wanted mustard yellow, we decided to go for the country look and do chicken wire doors.
 Here's how it turned out!!!
 Learning to use a saw has been sort of a bad thing for me.  I can't stop using it.  I end up adding a little here, and a little there, and then back to Lowe's to buy a little more of this, for a little more of that.  ARGH!  I can't stop myself!
 So, I added moulding around the drawers.  They were just too flat.  And I added beadboard and moulding along the top.   I think the drawers are much better with a little depth.  And the beadboard disguised the broken top that needed repair. 

Well Liz, you did it again.  An ugly ducking turned into a gorgeous statement piece!  Way to save yet another tragedy at the dump!!!

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Teal Desk

I forgot to take a before picture of this desk, but it just looked really crappy and had swear words written all over it.  Maybe some kid was REALLY mad about doing homework and that was their way of getting back at their MEAN parents.  Who knows.  Hopefully someone with a better vocabulary will give it a home this time around.  :)


Hutch Repair

This hutch was made by Hooker which is a crazy expensive brand of furniture (to me anyway...I buy my stuff at thrift stores).  The price tag was still on it, and it was $1,000.  Yup, guarantee that was just for the hutch. Well, it fell off a truck and the crown moulding was damaged.  Crappy furniture wouldn't have survived the fall but this baby made it through and just needed a little mending. Since the bottom portion wasn't damaged my client didn't want to have it painted.  So the challenge was to fix the top and make it still match the bottom. 

What do you think?  I hope it looks even better than before, and flows perfectly with the bottom portion.

Just makin' it up as I go!

I've had this armoire sitting in my garage for months because it didn't have any doors, and I was kidding myself that I would find the perfect cabinet doors if I kept looking.   Finally I decided to just make some out of an old bi-fold closet door that I found for only $4.  Then I added mouding to the top of the armoire and little bun feet and more moulding to the bottom.  Here the beauty is, in all her glory...


 And this is how it started out...

 Do you remember this armoire?  It's the exact same one, except it came with doors.  I'm selling it!  I get tired of the stuff in my house really fast so I'm switching it for something else.

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I LOVE free stuff!

My husband is a realtor so sometimes he lists homes that have a bunch of junk left in them.  Well, I really like junk!!!  So, sometimes I find some stuff I have to take home. 

Like this bench...
 Which became this...

And this ugly shelf
 which became this...

 and some other stuff I forgot to take before pictures of...

It beats me why people would abandon such great stuff but I'm sure not going to complain!