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Custom order barstools

I love that something outdated but still functional can be transformed for very little time & money!  Take these barstools...  (Sorry, the pic was taken after I started priming)
 With a few hours of work they became this! AND they match this cute lady's new kitchen table & chairs!
 They are very lightly glazed with brown.  By taking a brush and lightly running it along the edges it gives the furniture the sanded edge look.

Sure hope the owner is happy with her "new" barstools!

"Pretty in Pink" Bedroom set

Sometimes my plans for furniture change a lot once I get them home.  This set was going to be black.  Now, I can't even picture it.  But, I'm so glad the girly theme came to me.  Since my girls are too old for cutsie stuff, I get to live vicariously through my furniture.  :)

 The four posts on the bed were missing the finials & I didn't really want to buy new ones.  I decided to cut flowers out of some 2" pine I had.  I just traced them on the wood, and used my scroll saw.  Then I used dowel sticks to attach them.  I'm so happy with the final look!

After primer, came the pink, then a white wash over the top.  I lightly sanded the edges and used a coat of glossy polyerathane on top!

 Here's the before.  Wow. Ugly, huh?

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