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Dream Dresser

You know that really sad TV commercial with all the stray and lost animals looking so distraught and hopeless, while Sara McLachlan sings in the background "In the arms of an Angel..." and then a sad tear runs down your cheek? Well, that's exactly how this dressser looked at me when we first met! It said, "I know I'm missing a drawer, and have been forgotten and abused, but I still have so much love to offer!" or something like that anyway.

So I figured, a media cabinet? Then my amazing uncle offered to MAKE me a drawer! These babies are curved! He did an AMAZING job!

 And  a piece of wood was missing in between the doors so because I'm so lazy smart I measured it and realized the measuring stick was just the right width.  Ha ha. A true carpenter, I am not!

And here she is all finished!

I always paint in my garage and get quite a few people who stop and ask what I'm doing, if I sell my stuff, advice, etc.  Well, when I finished this dresser I left it on the driveway to finish drying while I worked on something else.  A lady stopped and asked what I was doing and asked some advice on selling to consignment shops and stuff.  Then, she tells me how pretty this dresser is and asked me what color I was going to paint it.  OUCH!!! I had just spent 5 hours glazing this baby!  It's always good to be humbled I guess!  I like it anyway!

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Urban style Hutch

This project evolved A LOT while I was working on it.  I kept thinking it needed a little something more.  It started out white with sanded edges, then became yellow, then became a distressed yellow, then a stained, distressed yellow.  Chicken wire and a faux rust on all the hardware and, viola! I love the end result!

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Classy Dresser

These pictures aren't the best, but hopefully you get the idea.  This girl's been prettied up with some embellishment on the drawers and a soft brown glaze.  (BTW this is my new guest room color.  I haven't posted pictures of it yet!)

Black chunky wood dresser

Chunky wood dresser, very solid and well built. Drawers slide great and this furniture is built to last! Hardware refinished in oil rubbed bronze to match. Measures 43"in length, 23"deep, and 76" high. Be sure to check out the matching Cal-king bed also available!


Black Cal-King Headboard & Footboard

I got a new rotary sander for my birthday so I'm having tons of fun sanding & sanding.  I LOVE this look.  I just refinished my bedroom set a few months ago and now I'm thinking about REALLY taking the sander to it. 

Wait until you see the before of this bed.  It had this hideous floral design carved in the headboard and footboard so I puttied over it and you can't even tell now.
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Telephone bench

Darling red telephone bench. My mom had to tell me what this was.  I just saw it at goodwill and loved how unique it is!  I guess back in the day when phones were connected by cords, it was a comfy place to sit and gossip with your besties!  Well, that makes this little treasure even more fun, don't you think?

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Distressed green desk with a dark brown top & matching chair. I love the unique shape and style of this desk! Measures 50" L, 24" D and 30" H.