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I was Featured!

Check it out here! Lauren over at West Furniture Revival has a great blog where she has her "Featured Revival Monday.  It's definately worth a visit!

The most amazing thing happened today!

Today while shopping at DI (local thrift store) this pot caught my eye.

It reminded me of the beautiful pots my brother made while he was in high school.  He passed away 15 years ago & I'm lucky enough to have some of his pots in my this one.
So, imagine my suprise when I turned over the pot and saw my brothers signature on the bottom!  In the thrift store!  How it ended up there, I have no idea!  I would love to know the story behind this little pot.  But, what are the odds that a pot my brother made in 1986 would end up in the store in my town (where he didn't live) and that I would happen to visit the store and find it?  WOW!  So I paid $1.50 for this priceless treasure! 

Small bench with storage

This is kind of a fun little storage bench, I was picturing for a mudroom or garage entry.  I'm going to put it on craigslist, but if it doesn't sell I think I'll keep it for my closet.  For some reason I feel guilty putting something so cute in my closet, so we'll see. 
 Looks cute with or without the cushion.

Here's the before.  I had my eye on it for about a week but waited until the thrift store reduced the price.  I'm glad it was ugly enough that no one else noticed it's potential!

project linked to grabtt

Once again, a little paint saves the day!

It's so fun when a piece of furniture turns out even better than expected.  This is one of those cases.  I love everything about it!  I've been waiting for the right project for these handles! 

 Doesn't look like much before, but anything with that much moulding and trim will look great when refinished!

And, bummer, it's already SOLD
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Happy, Happy Me!

Why am I happy, you ask?  Well, remember this beauty from a few months ago? I really wanted to put it at the top of my stairs, but it was dresser height and just looked too short.  So I've kept my eye out for something that's taller, but could be just as amazing!  And I found it!  You'll have to go to the bottom of the post to see the sorry before condition... 

OOPS!  I haven't put the upper handles on.  Guess I got a little ahead of myself.
And I LOVE that it's not a TV armoire.  It acutally has drawers and shelves for storing things so it's perfect for my hallway space!
Yeah, so the before had these wheat designs carved in it. Is that 70's?  The knobs and handles were also sporting some stylin' wheat.  Well, it was an easy fix.  Putty, primer, and sandpaper, and goodbye wheat!
So, as you can see, I'm very happy with the finished piece and it's already found a happy home in my hallway.

Dreamy Headboard & Footboard

This bed is the most gorgeous color of sky blue.  I'm so bummed that I can't capture it in the pictures.  The color looks so muted here.  I glazed the whole thing with white so it has this beautiful whitewashed look which you also can't tell from the pics. Sigh. Trust me, it's dreamy!

 This bed wasn't bad before, but I've seen a lot of beds like this.  Once it's been painted, it takes on a totally different look and it's 100% unique!

White Distressed Dresser

This is just a good old dresser that's been updated so it's not so offensive.  It went from Brady Bunch to chic with a little paint and some sanding!

 Check out the awful before!