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Dressed up Dresser

I'm pulling this out of the archives but it's one of my favorites.  I had someone ask me about doing fabric on drawers after viewing this post. It reminded me of this fun dresser.  The pics don't really show, but I also make a little jewelry holder in the hutch.  A lady bought it for her daughter's room which is decorated in Zebra & hot pink.  How cute is that? 

Before:  Not feeling so special.

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Entertainment Center

Here is the before & after of this HUGE entertainment center. It's 9 1/2 ft tall and 11 ft wide. I love the contrast between the black and the natural wood behind. There wasn't anything wrong with it before...I just didn't really like the color. Now it looks very rich and really stands out.

Another fun project

I bought these pics on clearance at Tai Pan for only $3! I didn't really like the pictures, but the frames were beautiful. They were a weird size for photos so I decided to frame some vinyl I had. The background is actually wrapping paper I bought at the dollar store. I thought fabric would be a great background but I just used what I already had. I think they turned out great!

Quilt Rack

This one is made-to-order. You get to pick the colors. It could hold 3 quilts, or just one! This is a quilt my grandma made and I love having it where I can see it every day!

Just for fun!

This is a fun little project I did to cover a big empty space above the fireplace. The doors aren't real...they're just screwed right on the wall.

Using some kind of hammered wood, I just painted it, sanded it down a lot, and then used miniwax dark walnut stain on top.  This gave it the weather worn look I was hoping for.  The stain really made all the texture in the wood show.  The big gate hinges I found at Lowe's, and viola! I love it! 

Behind the door I did venitian plaster (also from Lowes), and I'm thinking about doing the rest of the room in a different color plaster.

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$20 Each

I have 2 of these available...actually 3, but I'm keeping one for myself. :)


$195 Sold

This started out a light wood, with just a clear finish and stainless steel knobs. Now it's a soft green & cream color with an antique finish and raised embellishments. I LOVE how it turned out. It's one of my all time favorites!

Baker's Rack or Book Shelf

$49 Sold

Painted a deep red, with a walnut stain. It would be cute in any room in the house!

Coffee Table

$30 Sold
This table would be really cute with baskets under it for toys, books, etc. It's a chocolate brown with a walnut glaze on it.

Classic Black Entertainment Center

$149 Sold