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Chair Transformation

Next time you're at a garage sale or thrift store and you see a chair like this, BUY IT!!!
 Because with a little paint and sandpaper it could look like this!!!

 I have major chair envy.  It's not good.  I need a cute chair for my entryway and have had NO luck finding one, but now I know why. Because the owner of these chairs has been buying all the chairs in town!  :) 

Check out her website.  She's a Utah girl that does vintage wedding reception rentals.  It makes me want to get married again just so I can have her plan my reception.  She is AMAZING!!!

(BTW I'm about to celebrate 21 years with my man.  I just mean marry him again.) 

Funky Aqua Dresser

 ...Not "Funky" as in smelly but "Funky" as in AWESOME!  Who designs such craziness?!  I like it!

Wouldn't this be great in an entryway?  Or as a media center?  I wish I was brave enough. 
 Super shabby chic!


Here is the before...
Lovely, huh?


I've mentioned before that my husband is a realtor, so sometimes we get lucky and get some FREE furniture from homes he sells.  So, check out my garage right now.  Most of this came from a home he just sold.  Yup, I'm pretty happy! :)
This is one of the two bedroom sets. 

 Because this set came from a second home, it is in amazing condition.  I'm pretty sure the drawers have never had anything in them.  It just needed a little update and it's good as new!

And check out these lamps I got from the same house...
I updated them with a little aqua and white glaze. 

My daughter is moving away for college so these will go in her new room.  I'm just starting to collect the decor for her room so I'll keep you posted!

Shelf Makeovers

The before of this shelf reminds me of something in my uncles to his guns and deer heads.
 And here it is after a little TLC...

Shelf #2 is a little 90's throwback.  It probably had some cute mauve and country blue accessories that went with it.   

And here it is now!  Yes!  I love a good makeover!
 This was a little thrift store find that didn't need much work. 
 Just a little white glaze.
 And viola!  Restoration Hardware type finish. 

Every room should have a shelf or two don't you think?   

King Headboard to Hanging Shelf

I've been looking for something like this headboard for a few months now.  Since doing this project, I've wanted one for my bedroom. 
 Keep in mind this is a KING size headboard.  It's seriously a HUGE shelf!

 The black line below the word "family" is our TV.  I guess marriage is about compromise.  The television isn't the most beautiful accent and it kind of blocks my letters but that's ok.  I mean, the TV WAS there first.  I need to let my husband have a say on something in our house, right?

Country Style China Hutch

 I love the curves on this hutch, like the rounded top and curved drawers.  I took out all the mirrors and
glass, and added chicken wire and beadboard. 

 Speaking of chicken wire, I always paint it.  Silver chicken wire is a little too much I think. 
 Here is the before...
 And it had already arrived in it's new home!