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New Red Table & Chairs

Grrr...I actually remembered to take before pics of this table, but they were deleted from my camera before I downloaded them!  This is the dining set in my house.  It used to be a light maple top, with dark brown chairs and leggs.  I wanted it to be RED of course!  Now it matches the barstools and hutch, previously painted!

Guest Bedroom Reveal

My really amazing grandma made this for me in 1999 after my brother died.  It's made from some of his old shirts.  Of course it means a lot to me and I've never really had a great place to display it.  So, I decided to plan my guest bedroom to compliment this!  After I got going, this room kind of became my heritage room.  Each piece and picture in here has special meaning and significance.  The small side table was made by my husbands grandfather, the dresser was a thrift store find, but my uncle made a new drawer for it, the pictures on the wall are of my husband and his sister who died, and his mother, who has also passed away.  My next addition will be some pictures of my grandparents farm which my daughter has promised to take for me.  Sometimes  I just sit in this room and breath.  It's feels peaceful to me, and it makes me grateful to have had such amazing people in my life. 
I found this bed at DI for only $30!  I refinished it to match the dresser posted here and the sidetable.

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Repurposed desk set

I found this executive desk at the thrift store for only $30!  I had no idea what I would do with it, but the possibilities seemed endless!  Well, I have this empty alcove in my formal front room that I've been wanting to put shelves in, but I wanted it to look classy and not like closet shelving or something. Wowie, wow, wow, was I excited when I measured and found out these desk shelves fit perfectly!  The piece on the left needed some trim to cover the holes (this is where the desk is supposed to attach) then I used the tall bookshelf in the middle.  I have 10 ft ceilings so this took it almost to the ceiling.  Here's how it turned out...

And then, I had another shelving thing left.  It's supposed to be a hutch to go on the desk.  I added a bottom shelf with a little trim, and it became my "above the throne" storage. 

It's so fun to find new ways to use old stuff!  For only $30 I was able to decorate two areas in my home that would have cost $1,000 to have cabinets built in!  Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself.  Don't be afraid to think outside the box when decorating your home!  :)
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