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Even I was questioning this one!

 A client found this on craiglist and wanted it refinished for extra storage in her bedroom.  After seeing it, I wasn't sure there was much hope. It was part of a larger piece that was all hooked together at one time.  Some sides were unfinished because they were supposed to connect to another piece if that makes sense.
I added crown moulding to the top to make it look a little more finished.  Actually my husband did it for me, but it was my idea. Lol
There were weird things like this gaping hole at the bottom where  I needed to add some base or try to match stuff that was already there.  It was a project!
So, here is the finished product.  This thing is over 7 ft tall.  My head doesn't even reach to top section.

The second piece is my height (5'5") just to give you an idea. 

Yeah, I think she'll have plenty of storage now!
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Baby Rocker ready for the next generation!

My sweet friend had me refinish this rocking chair for her oldest son.  He was the first of her babies rocked in it, and now she's passing it to the next generation. It came to me well used. :)

Creamy Frenchy Dresser

This dresser sold before I could even post it!  I love this style of furniture.  I'm a sucker for those handles too.  It reminds me of the dresser I have in my guest room

 Ummm what is that?  I hope it wasn't important because it's in the garbage now. 

Playroom table & chairs

 I've been looking for a cute table and chair set for my playroom.  They're hard to least sturdy ones that don't cost a fortune.  So, as you can probably tell, this is totally pieced together.  I bought the table for $5, found the 2 rounded chairs at the thrift store for $6 each, and found the square chairs on CL for $10 each.  This I could live with.  They're made to match the kitchen.  The nieces & nephews are coming after Christmas & I'm soooo excited for them to play with my new toys! :)

Here's a before of the table but I didn't get one of the chairs, or if I did I can't find them now.  The story of my life!

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Chippy Hutch


 The handles and dresser top look black, but they're actually a dark brown with a black glaze.  They look gorgeous with the green.
 I'm a little hesitant to show the before of this piece.  It's pretty bad.  Like hideous & gross, but I don't want the previous shape to keep someone from buying it.  I gave it a good bath before the refinish started. 

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Heidi's Kitchen

Heidi & her husband bought a gorgeous home with a dream backyard and decided to remodel before moving.  I can't wait to see the end result because she has an amazing vision.  Cheetah carpet in the game room?  Lucky kids!  All the cabinets in the home (and there are a lot!) are a light wood.  She decided to refinish them all super distressed.  I was able to do the kitchen and part of the laundry room and she is working on all the others.  So, I have some sneak peak pics of the kitchen cabinets.
 The island and bar are this amazing green to compliment the black cabinets.

 Since the painters were coming in after me, I didn't worry too much about overspray.  I'm sure they'll be so happy with me. :)
 The laundry room is a warm red.

My favorite cabinets are a dark teal Heidi has finished.  I think they're going upstairs in a desk area and bathroom.  I'll post more pictures soon!