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 I know I seem like a broken record with my white armoirs but there is a reason.  Number one:  What if I decide I want it?!  (which I do but it weighs so much I don't dare tell my husband he has to carry it upstairs & switch it with the one up there). Number two:  I get a lot of requests for these in white.  There are so many fun colors out there, but white and black are still the most popular.  With some basic colored furniture you can change the wall colors and decor without needing new furniture.  So, it's practical too. :) That's my excuse & I'm stickin' to it!

 Who doesn't love shutters?  Why doesn't all furniture have these?

 Some teal fabric for a little fun when you open the doors!

 This thing is really heavy, solid wood, and beautiful!  What's not to love?

At one point in time, there must have been drawers in here.  I added a shelf and a fabric lined back to make it a little more functional.
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  1. Holy update! This is lovely! I'm featuring it on my blog tomorrow. :) Come by a grab a button!