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Little red self unit

$35 Sold

Yeah, it's red. That's because I just might keep it for myself!

China Hutch

Dang! I wish I could remember to take before pics! I just get so excited to start, I'm usually about 1/2 way done before I remember. This hutch had mirrors in the back and was a light oak with gold hardware and gold in the glass. It looks much more modern and I think the owner of this is going to love it! She had it for sale on Craig's List and I've been looking for a hutch for myself. I looked at it, decided it wasn't the right size and then she decided to have me redo it for her instead of selling it. I'll also be doing her kitchen table to match. Fun, fun!

Rustic Dresser

$75 Sold
This rustic brown dresser looks like it's made using 2x4 planks of wood. It's perfect for a cabin or a little cowboy's room. The drawers are a little different. I think they're made from a kitchen cabinet type drawer that is a little heavier, but they work just fine.

Black Dresser With Curves

This girl has some great curves. Pretty & classic.

Bay Window Houses

I made these houses for my grandma's dining room bay window, about 14 years ago. After redoing her little cabinet I told her it was time to update the bay window too. I don't have any pics of them actually in the window, but they hinge together and make a sort of shutter.

It was a hard project because I was totally winging it. I didn't have anything to look at as a example and wasn't even sure what style to do. A few months ago, my husband and I spent a day shopping in Fredricksburg, TX and they had all these fun little shops so I tried to incorporate some of those. I also googled "row houses" and tried to copy some of the looks I found there. Let me know what you think!

I wanted to show a close-up of the brick and rock because they look so real! I made a stencil and used drywall putty over the stencil. It actually made bricks with texture and character! Then I painted them and brushed a coat of stain on and WOW! It looks like I know what I'm doing!

Full Size Headboard

$75 Sold
This is a bed for a princess! It's painted a sky blue with a white-wash, making all the great details "pop".

More red cabinets...

These are both sold. My husband thinks I should try doing something in a color other than red. :)

King headboard & Nightstands or end tables

Headboard Sold
Nightstands Sold
This headboard is from Pier 1 Imports and it really was in pretty good shape before I refinished it. They have 3 fun wicker panels. I love these nightstands!!! They seriously weigh 58 lbs each! (Yes, I weighed them) Talk about some heavy duty furniture! They're now a soft white distressed finish and I know someone is going to LOVE them.

Grandma's kitchen cupboard

I refinished this for my grandma. I have such fond memories of eating at grandma's house and getting out the tablecloth or placemats from her little cupboard next to the table. It was fun to bring new life to this little treasure!

Classic black end table

$30 Sold

Classic black end table

Mirror with glazed frame

$45 Sold
So pretty! Measures 33" X 48".