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Bay Window Houses

I made these houses for my grandma's dining room bay window, about 14 years ago. After redoing her little cabinet I told her it was time to update the bay window too. I don't have any pics of them actually in the window, but they hinge together and make a sort of shutter.

It was a hard project because I was totally winging it. I didn't have anything to look at as a example and wasn't even sure what style to do. A few months ago, my husband and I spent a day shopping in Fredricksburg, TX and they had all these fun little shops so I tried to incorporate some of those. I also googled "row houses" and tried to copy some of the looks I found there. Let me know what you think!

I wanted to show a close-up of the brick and rock because they look so real! I made a stencil and used drywall putty over the stencil. It actually made bricks with texture and character! Then I painted them and brushed a coat of stain on and WOW! It looks like I know what I'm doing!


  1. Hey Shar, I think it looks absolutely fantastic, you did good!! ;) Love your blog and all your projects, too fun!!

  2. As a thanks to your blog for inspiring me I've given you a blog award! Here's the post it is at :