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Reinvented Nightstands

Here's the challenge:  Make the nightstand on the left taller and cute; the one on the right masculine.  Alrighty then!
 To make this taller I added some 4X4 legs underneath and then put moulding on the outside to cover the ugly wood chunks and add some "cute". 

I think I used about 7 inches of moulding on the bottom.  The drawer also needed some trim.  After taking this picture, I decided the top looked off balance so I added some beadboard and trim there too. 

  New knobs and paint, and here she is!

 To make the nightstand below look okay in a boys room, the swirly bottom had to go.  This was a much easier fix.  I just added moulding over the swirls,  and got rid of the old handles. 

Sometimes I go in furniture stores just to look.  I can't believe the prices people pay for stuff!  It's CRAZY!  Especially when you see what can be done for just a fraction of the money!  And who doesn't love saving money?! 

Jewelry Cabinet

OK, here's one more for today.  Then it's back to the garage for me!
 For this look, I just layered gray paint on white and then sanded it with 150 grit to have some of the white showing through.  Then I sealed it with lacquer.  I've also finished a dining table & chairs in a similar finish.  I will be showing it soon. 

Custom order...not for sale.

Hellllloooooo from the land of the lost

I've been a slacker blogger lately but I've been crazy busy doing furniture.  I'm going to start trying to get caught up!  So check back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next!

Here's a favorite that I just finished today.  Isn't the color amazing? 

This is a really easy finish!  After doing some patching I recoated the whole thing in black.  Then I sprayed one light coat of gray.  Using 150 grit sandpaper, I hand sanded in the direction of the woodgrain.  And, last of all, I coated it with lacquer.  Pretty dang easy, huh?!

I think this would work really well using chalk paint.  The stuff I use is called lacquer undercoat, and it's more like a primer than paint.  I would experiment a little with your paint to make sure it sands away in a nice smooth finish. 

 I would have a hard time parting with this even if it wasn't a custom order!

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Bedroom Dresser Turned into Versatile Hutch

Is this something you would ever dream of putting in your kitchen or family room?

Doubtful.  But, how about this? 

 It's screaming, "Show me off!!! I've been so ugly all these years!  I want to be VISIBLE, baby!" Ha ha

 Got rid of the mirror (blech), added beadboard and shelves, ditched the dated carving on all the doors, trashed the swirly top trim, removed some drawers, and added shelves to the bottom, and painted all 34 knobs. That's right, 34!

 Matching little table for more storage!
 And now this baby can live happily ever after.  Or at least until the next big trend hits.  :)
Custom Refinish.  Not for sale.