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Bedroom Dresser Turned into Versatile Hutch

Is this something you would ever dream of putting in your kitchen or family room?

Doubtful.  But, how about this? 

 It's screaming, "Show me off!!! I've been so ugly all these years!  I want to be VISIBLE, baby!" Ha ha

 Got rid of the mirror (blech), added beadboard and shelves, ditched the dated carving on all the doors, trashed the swirly top trim, removed some drawers, and added shelves to the bottom, and painted all 34 knobs. That's right, 34!

 Matching little table for more storage!
 And now this baby can live happily ever after.  Or at least until the next big trend hits.  :)
Custom Refinish.  Not for sale. 


  1. beautiful! I love all the tiny little drawers it has a great look to it!

  2. That bottom part is almost exactly what I want for my family room below a plasma tv! Love the beadboard!

  3. Just gorgeous!! Great work as usual! :)

  4. Sharley, you're amazing!! I love it!

  5. Sharley, you're amazing!! I love it!