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Reinvented Nightstands

Here's the challenge:  Make the nightstand on the left taller and cute; the one on the right masculine.  Alrighty then!
 To make this taller I added some 4X4 legs underneath and then put moulding on the outside to cover the ugly wood chunks and add some "cute". 

I think I used about 7 inches of moulding on the bottom.  The drawer also needed some trim.  After taking this picture, I decided the top looked off balance so I added some beadboard and trim there too. 

  New knobs and paint, and here she is!

 To make the nightstand below look okay in a boys room, the swirly bottom had to go.  This was a much easier fix.  I just added moulding over the swirls,  and got rid of the old handles. 

Sometimes I go in furniture stores just to look.  I can't believe the prices people pay for stuff!  It's CRAZY!  Especially when you see what can be done for just a fraction of the money!  And who doesn't love saving money?! 


  1. WOW!! You have done a great job on both of these pieces. I love saving money too, and cannot believe what we've been able to save doing projects like this. You have an eye for it and I love your projects. Megan

  2. wow you have vision! i would have never thought of those awesome ideas!

  3. Well aren't you fancy! I love them both and the great shade of black.

  4. I am so excited I found your blog! These are great pieces and just what I need for the new printer table I need to buy. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. amazing! Love that top one. what a change.

    barbara jean

  6. What kind of moulding did you use? Is it crown, base, floor? I didnt realize there were so many types until I went to I have 2 short nightstands I just bought and want to use yours as inspiration to make mine taller! Great post :)

    Thanks in advance,