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Country Style China Hutch

 I love the curves on this hutch, like the rounded top and curved drawers.  I took out all the mirrors and
glass, and added chicken wire and beadboard. 

 Speaking of chicken wire, I always paint it.  Silver chicken wire is a little too much I think. 
 Here is the before...
 And it had already arrived in it's new home! 


  1. Gorgeous! I love the chicken wire

  2. Love it!! I still haven't done my cabinet because I'm the queen of procrastinators!

  3. Hahaha... me too i love to procrastinate and read pocket books while eating pop corn. I have been planning to redesign the headboard of my bed but still did not happen. I can fell my furniture crying ^_^

  4. Do you remember the paint color you used on this? And did you distress it at all or was that just a paint color or technique? Thanks for your help!