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I've mentioned before that my husband is a realtor, so sometimes we get lucky and get some FREE furniture from homes he sells.  So, check out my garage right now.  Most of this came from a home he just sold.  Yup, I'm pretty happy! :)
This is one of the two bedroom sets. 

 Because this set came from a second home, it is in amazing condition.  I'm pretty sure the drawers have never had anything in them.  It just needed a little update and it's good as new!

And check out these lamps I got from the same house...
I updated them with a little aqua and white glaze. 

My daughter is moving away for college so these will go in her new room.  I'm just starting to collect the decor for her room so I'll keep you posted!


  1. What a great collection of goodies you have! Your bedroom set looks fantastic. Megan

  2. boy what paint can do! awesome

  3. wow!! that is great!

    barbara jean