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Play Kitchen that will last!

Let me start by admitting I am a little psycho because I'm seriously making a playroom in my house.  Why is this psycho?  Because my kids are 18, 16, & 12.  They're so excited, ha ha.  But, we have a ton of extended family and we love to have them over, so my rationalization is that it's for the nieces and nephews.  (OK and maybe grandchildren someday because it's solid wood and will last that long!)

How cute is this!?!
 The paint colors are "green apple" and "red apple" and the fabric I found had apples on it, so of course it became an apple theme.

The faux tile countertop is really just spray paint.  I bought 1/4" detailing tape from an autobody shop.  After painting the surface white I taped off the tile design and sprayed a few squares greeen.  When dry, I taped those squares and painted red.  I looks like real tile, but was much easier and less expensive!

I found the faucet at Habitat Restore, and the sink is a dog dish. I love that the handles really turn!

Next came the stovetop.  For the burners I used my scroll saw to cut out circles and spraypainted them silver.  Then I googled stove burners, found a picture I liked, printed it, and used mod podge.  The controls are the things that go behind door knobs & drawer pulls.  I found them at a restore.  Because I used extra long screws, the knobs actually turn.  Awesome!

 My daughter painted this adorable apple tree for me. The window frame, clock, shelves, and knick knacks came from the thrift store.  I just spraypainted them to match!
 The stove window is just a piece of plexi-glass.  The oven rack is a storage shelf from Big Lots.
 And, the best part is there is a lot of storage!  Isn't that what every kitchen needs? 
It was a lot of work, but I feel like it's something that will be enjoyed for many years.  (And not just by me!)
There are a few of these kitchens out there in blogland, but this is the one I fell in love with.  Thanks for the inspiration!
This is the entertainment center I started out with.  I cut off the top section and used the wood to make the sheves and doors. Man, there really is a use for everything! 

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