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Hutch Repair

This hutch was made by Hooker which is a crazy expensive brand of furniture (to me anyway...I buy my stuff at thrift stores).  The price tag was still on it, and it was $1,000.  Yup, guarantee that was just for the hutch. Well, it fell off a truck and the crown moulding was damaged.  Crappy furniture wouldn't have survived the fall but this baby made it through and just needed a little mending. Since the bottom portion wasn't damaged my client didn't want to have it painted.  So the challenge was to fix the top and make it still match the bottom. 

What do you think?  I hope it looks even better than before, and flows perfectly with the bottom portion.


  1. Simply gorgeous! What a wonderful job you have done. Megan

  2. I love your stuff. Will you come decorate my house? I'm totally serious!
    I'm in love with the mustard yellow hutch, any chance another one of those will pop up anytime soon?