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Two Tone Dresser

$125 Sold

I REALLY want to keep this one! I'm just really loving the two-tone paint and the cute little drawers in the middle. But alas...there is no room. I actually have a mirror that came with this treasure but I want to frame it and haven't had time yet. Sooo... if you're interested and want a mirror with it let me know.

The drawer slides and inside of this dresser are in near perfect condition. I'm wondering if this dresser has ever been used?


  1. I am totally interested in this piece! what are the dimensions? It may be too long for the space I am looking for. I can't go longer than 48 inches. Do you have anything like that? email me if you do. my name is Shallyn

  2. Dang! I'm still trying to figure this whole blogging thing out. Sorry, I didn't realize you had a question. Sad, but the dresser is 54" wide. I'll keep my eye out for something & let you know.