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Sassy Red Bedroom Set

My very favorite thing about refinishing furniture has to be all the awesome people I meet.  Cool people like cool furniture I guess. :)  Connie, the lady I refinished this red bedroom set for, is one of those "cool" people.  I LOVE her!  I felt like she was family and I'd know her and her husband forever!  I'm so glad I was able to refinish her stuff.  She was very daring and decided to have her oak bedroom set refinished in bright red. 

Here is the before.  As most husbands do, Connie's husband wondered why she would want to paint a perfectly good piece of wood furniture.  LOL  They just don't get it!

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  2. Holy moly...that looks amazing!! I love it!

  3. WOW ! Love the black details... really pretty!

  4. everything looks better in red! WOW! each piece looks stunning!

  5. I really like this red-it pops... would you happen to remember what color and brand paint you used? I am taking a stab at redoing a side table myself, but I want the right color and shade of red. Thanks, Laura