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Stubborn Dresser

This dresser was supposed to be a blue gray, but it WAS NOT cooperating!  Someone had tried to color in the chipping finish with some mysterious red stuff.  I should have taken a close up, but I didn't think it was going to give me so much trouble!
 First I primed, then I primed again, then I tried sealing it.  Then I searched the internet to see if anyone else had a magic cure for "bleed through". NOPE!

 So, I said "FINE!  You can be red!"
 "But you're getting black glaze whether you like it or not!"
 We all know red is my favorite color, so I can hardly blame this dresser for wanting to be red.  We all want to stand out a little, right?  I think she turned out beautiful!  I guess the blue gray will be for another day.
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  1. I love your work... Do you ever do custom work? And is this a fire engine red or is it deeper?

  2. i love your site, this is exactly what I would love to be doing with my life! Ts there anyway you could do a post breaking down step of what exactly you do to create the finishes you do?

  3. She looks better red anyways! Love it!! Dang you do good work! :)

  4. Thanks! And, yes I do custom work. That's what I spend most of my time doing. Just send me a pic and I can give you a quote on price for any custom refinishes.

    And...I haven't ever done a post breaking down what I do when refinishing. I'll have to think about that! I don't have your email, but if you want to send it, I could give you a link to a few sites that have some awesome tutorials.

  5. This dresser was meant to be red… It looks gorgeous!

  6. This is a great red! What color and brand is it?