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From Cute to Amazing!

Do you have stuff in your house that you like, but kind of want to change the color?  But you like it.  Hmmmm.  Don't want to ruin it. 

This was a custom refinish that started out really cute. 
 But, I love it now! 
 This client wanted the chair on the left for her daughter's desk.  I started to wonder about the chair looking ok with the desk so I refinished another chair and she can choose.  I haven't attached the fabric yet in case she wants something else.   
 What do you think?  Cane back chair...
 Or sleek chair...
 I love those legs but I'm a sucker for upholstered seats!


  1. I LOVE this color! Can I get the name and brand?

  2. I love this color too can I get the name and the brand? Did you stain it after? What steps did you do for these? Did you sand, prime, spray and then stain and then brush on the protecting coat?