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Grandma's House Nostalgia

I have an amazing grandma.  Almost every memory of my early childhood is tied to her.  Watching Sesame Street at her house, playing in the yard, making snowmen, holding hands and skipping, snooping in my aunts purple bedroom...there are so many. One of my favorite memories is when my grandparents moved from town out to the farm.  Grandma and I had a picnic on the dining room floor before they moved in. The farm was a kid's wonderland!  They had chickens, a pig at one time, horses, you name it.  I used to love playing rodeo queen in the backyard.  I would ride the horse up and down the path and wave to the crowd while perched proudly on my horse. 

A few years ago my grandpa died suddenly.  He was bucked off his horse while helping herd some cattle.  He literally "went out with his boots on".  It was hard to say goodbye, but nice that he didn't have to suffer the way so many older people do.  At that time grandma was left alone on the farm.  There aren't any animals there now, but there are so many memories. I wanted some pictures of the farm for my guest bedroom and I thought I would share some of them with you.

This is the pathway from the house to the magical land of the farm.
Grandma and me
 This is Grandma getting mad at me for taking her picture.  Tee Hee.  Good thing she doesn't have a computer. ;)
 Treasures everywhere I look!  I have a picture of my daughter (now 18) taking a bath in that tub.
 Remnants of Grandpa's hard work

 Grandpa kept the chicken feed here.  I remember scooping it out with the old Folgers coffee can and throwing it to the chickens.
 My brother who passed away left his mark in the chicken coop.

It's VERY important to always check for rain water before sitting in the tire swing.
 My grandpa and dad worked for the phone company.  These were once on telephone poles...not sure why?
  Wouldn't this be a photographer's dreamland?  And there's so, so much more I didn't show you!  One of these days I'm going to take pictures of the INSIDE of grandma's house.  Antiques, colors, quilts, and treasures galore!


  1. Those blue glass things are insulators. They allowed the electrical current to run across the wooden poles without catching it on fire :) They make awesome lanterns when turned upside down, wrapped with wire, and lit with a tea light!

  2. and, lovely photos! I especially love the red trash cans.

  3. Sharley~
    Every time I think I can't admire you more, you do something spectacular! I love this tribute to Grandma and Grandpa and all the pictures! Not only do you create astonishing pieces of furniture, but you're a wonderful writer, photographer, and especially,an amazing person. Great job! We love you <3 Kelly

  4. Laurie thanks for the heads up on the insulators. I'm going to checkout the lantern idea. Genius! And Kelly you are too, too, sweet. Thank you! I know you feel the same way about our grandma! And, I can't take credit for most of the pics. Riley is the talented photographer. She took all the really good ones. :)

  5. I should have known it was YOU and not Randall that snooped in my purple bedroom!!! Seriously, I love the tribute to Mama and Daddy and the pictures. You are so talented with both your words and works. Can hardly wait for the pictures of inside. Love to you and your family.

  6. Ummmm, maybe I remembered that wrong. Yes, I think it was Randall and he just told me about it. Ha ha.

  7. I feel so violated.....:)

  8. Guess that means I'm not going to be invited to stay at your house anytime soon, huh? Ha ha!

  9. My husband is a lineman and works on power poles.. He about died when I showed him the picture of all the insulators.. Antiques for sure.. He's always in the look out for the blue ones.. They are rare now and hard to fine by!