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Antique trunk aged to perfection!

 Remember this?  I blogged about it here a few weeks ago and was so excited to have found it.  I just thought it was a little TOO aged for my liking.  At one time it must have been all green, and not a pretty green either.  My husband thought it looked like something pulled up from the bottom of the ocean, which is cool, but not something you would want in your house, right?
So, I broke out the rust-oleum, and then applied dark walnut stain over the top.  It kept the rusty look, but made the color a little more consistent.

The Mod Podge in the "after" pic is still a little white because I was too excited about taking pics to wait for it to dry. I used a table cloth (bought on clearance) for the liner.  It was perfect because it's really thick. I love how it turned out! Now to decide where to put it.    :)                                                                  
And don't forget how the inside looked before.  Yikes!  Not a great and cozy place to store blankets.

Project linked to Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


  1. Awesome. I have that same chest and really need to do the same thing to it! Thanks for the inspriation!

  2. Beautiful outcome! I love that you antiqued it to the point of looking like an original, rather than a revamp. Nicely done!

    I shared this as an SNS #73 highlight on FJI Facebook. :)


  3. I also have a trunk like that which I keep my treasured quilts in their containers stored in. You did a beautiful job and have inspired me to beautify mine. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Did you cut & glue the tablecloth for the liner?

  5. how did you get rid of the musty smell inside?? i have a trunk i've been working on and have tried everything to get rid of the smell. i want to use it for storage...but the smell is horrible.

    1. Spray bottle with white vinegar - spray the inside - put in the HOT sun to dry - this has worked for me - also try baking soda - sprinkle entire box into trunk - close lid and leave for a week or so.

  6. Love this trunk and have one just like it so your idea I love and want to do the same thing to mine and God Bless you