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Play Kitchen Made From An Old Entertainment Center

You may remember this play kitchen I made for my playroom.  It took me forever, but I thought with one under my belt, another would be a piece of cake.  Wrong!  There are so many little details to these kitchens!  Just gathering supplies is a project.  Well, lesson learned.  This will be my last kitchen, made for another lucky little girl to receive on Christmas morning.  Ho Ho Ho

 This is how it all started.  I have another one in my garage. Anyone that wants it can have for free!  I won't be needing it. :)  Update...the other entertainment center is gone!  Can't wait to see her new creation!
If you should decide to make such a kitchen, just know it's not cheap.  I spent a lot of time bargain shopping and still spent $157.  But, in the end you will have a high quality kitchen, custom made to your liking, and much more durable than the plastic kitchens you can buy for much cheaper. 

Here is a list of expenses:
Entertainment center:  $20
Wood for doors:  $25
Paint, primer and polycrylic:  $35
Hinges: $15
Knobs/Handles:  $10
Dog Dish: $7
Faucet:  $15
Shelf/Clock/Curtain Rod:  $7
Plexi-glass:  $5
Brackets to attach microwave:  $6
Magnetic door catches:  $7
Tape: $5

Total: $157

If anyone has any questions about making one of these babies, please email me.  I would be happy to help in any way I can.


  1. YEA!!!!!!!!! My little lucky girl is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! I know I do!!!! And the vanity is perfect. You are AMAZING!!!

  2. oh that is so cute!! the colors and design are so fun!

  3. you are so creative!! im your newest follower, we have very similar style! check me out too:

  4. How did you make your burners?

    This is adorable!!!

  5. This is Awesome!! Absolutely adorable, you did a wonderful job. How long did this take you once you had all materials for the project? I would love to know. Thank you for the response. I have got to know how you made the burners look so close to real?

  6. Hi. Where did you get the entertainment center?