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Chippy Paint "How To"

Ever wonder how to get that amazing chipped paint look?  I did for a long time and I think I finally have it figured out.  A putty knife!  That's the secret ingredient!
After painting just scrape the paint with a putty knife.  It will just kind of do it's own thing.  Don't try to force it.  I usually scrape along the edges and then just run it across the paint.  It's really fun to see it taking shape. 

 The front of this "potting bench in the making" will have three of these drawer fronts with a sink in the middle section. 
 Here's something VERY IMPORTANT to remember.  It's kind of a "duh" but sometimes I don't figure out those obvious parts of the refinish until I've wasted a lot of time, so I'm just going to tell you in case you're anything like me.  The original paint color or colors will show when you scrape it.  Ha ha, I know. 

Since I was painting a cream color, I applied dark walnut stain before painting.  I wanted the dark stuff to show through,  AND the paint probably wouldn't scrape off if applied directly to raw wood. 

So here are the steps:
     1.  Stain raw wood
     2.  Apply Base Color
     3.  Scrape with putty knife
     4.  Glaze if desired
     5.  Seal the piece with your product of choice  :)

Happy Chipping!