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New Doors for Lexi

This is a gorgeous armoire by Lexington that didn't need to be refinished.  It was in perfect condition except for one tiny thing.  The doors had warped while being stored in our extremely hot and dry climate.  They wouldn't close which kind of defeats the purpose of an armoire, right?

Just so you know, most of the stuff I do, I'm totally winging it.  I take care of one issue at a time and never know how I'm going to end up with a finished project but it always seems to work out with a little time and patience.  I really wish I could be a carpenter's apprentice for a while. 

So I went to Habitat Restore and found some doors that were close in size.  I cut them down and removed the moulding from the old doors, added that, and then a smaller piece of moulding to the inside.  Here's what the doors looked like when I finished...

And here is the final product...

And it's for sale!  $450


  1. You are amazing! I would give anything to spend a day with you and learn so much! I love redoing furniture and want to be as good as you! Do you recommend a specific spray gun? brand and all?

  2. Umm... I LOVE this! Wish I had $450 to spend on it! If ever it goes down in price... I'd LOVE to know :)

  3. I love how this turned out! Is it chalk paint or spray painted?