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Tips On Aging Wood

No, I didn't age these doors.  These are 100% all natural.  Aren't they AMAZING?!

 Remember The Big Day Vintage Weddings Rentals that I told you about here?  Lynette found these fabulous doors pictured above.  Wouldn't they be a beautiful backdrop for a wedding?  But, she faced the task of finding a way for them to stand and be sturdy.  No bride and groom want their backdrop to become a face-drop, right? 

So Lynette's husband made these stands for the doors.  Brilliant!  Except they didn't match.  Bummer.
 To give this fresh new wood a beautifully aged look I painted them and then sanded off most of the paint.  Ha ha.  I didn't say everything I do makes sense but stick with me here.
 Next step was to put a dark walnut stain over the whole thing.  A dark glaze would also work.  Just wipe it on, and wipe it off.  Easy Peasy.  I then took a dry paintbrush, dipped it in a cream colored paint, wiped most of the paint from the brush, and lightly brushed across the wood.  This just gives it one more color dimension. 

Here the doors are at their first wedding.  The picture is a little blurry because it came from a phone, but that just adds to the "vintage" look, right?  If you look really close you can see the stands. 

So the moral of the story is:  Don't be afraid to mess up your beautiful new wood!  Just go for it!!!


  1. Those doors are beautiful!!!! You did a great job making the stands look old:)

  2. PERFECT!! I have a door I want to use in an antique mall booth that I need to make these stands for. I had the idea, but seeing them in living (aged) color makes it easier. :)

  3. My, that old wood effect does look lovely! That would even look great on new sliding wardrobes for that rustic or vintage look.