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New Home Office...Finally!

My husband's home office has been in desperate need of some attention.  It's at the very front of our house and you can see it from the street and from our front porch. It was just one of those thrown together rooms with a bunch of mismatched junky furniture.  OK, I'm going to show you a picture but don't judge!

 And here it is now.  I still need to paint (I'm thinking blue like this) but that will come later, when I can talk my husband into some wood floors.

 Scroll to the end to see the "before" of these wall hangings.  They're AWESOME (in a ha ha kind of way)!  Because I was on a non-existent budget, I just covered the backing of the pictures with muslin fabric and hung these little rod iron things.  They'll look much better once the wall is a color.
 Four years ago, my husband's little brother was killed in a training exercise with the Air Force.  It was so tragic.  He left behind an awesome wife, and three kids.  The youngest was only 6 months old.  When my hubby was 17, his older sister who was only 19, was killed in a plane accident.  His mom died of cancer 16 years ago.  His family has been through so much and they are incredibly close.  So this photo wall is kind of a dedication to the loved ones he's lost.
There is an amazing group of artist who will paint a picture of soldiers who died in the line of duty.  They do this as a service and thank you to the loved ones left behind.  My sister-in-law was sweet enough to have copies made for all the siblings.

His wife has a very touching blog where she shares some of her thoughts on losing the love of her life.

 These are some of his patches, a program from his memorial, and other special memorabilia.  Brad served in Iraq for about 6 months and brought the flag back.

 "Thornhill" is my husband's mom's side of the family.  All the boys have Thornhill for a middle name. And "F" if for Funk, our last name. 
 Grandpa Thornhill was a photographer at one time, and these are some of his old cameras.  We also have his old harmonica,  a pair of his glasses, and a pocketwatch.  So cool.
I have an old table Grandpa T. built that I want to refinish and then it will be living between these two chairs.  There are a few other things to finish but I was too excited to wait! 

These are the frames with the muslin covering them.  They were in a building in Las Vegas that the bank had taken over.  The one of the man on the balcony is my fav.  Doesn't it just scream Vegas?  
Want to see the before of the desks?  I STOLE them! Not really, but I only paid $40 for the wall set, and $60 for the big desk.  That's right!  I only paid $100 for some really heavy-duty furniture.  I felt like I won the lottery!

I'm much happier with the office now.  I love the heritage all around us!


  1. wow sharley. wow. the furniture alone is so amazing, but the atmosphere in the room is the best. so cool.

  2. Looks so amazing Sharley! That's so funny we found the same office furniture!

  3. Wow! You have definitely done a great job. The family wall certainly made the whole area more gratifying to the eyes and more meaningful. Great job!

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