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A refinish gone wrong!!! (And then right)

Not that I don't have plenty of mess ups, but this one came to me in this condition.  Someone decided these sunflowers would make beautiful pulls and also decided to brush on white paint in a VERY messy & drippy fashion.  Then end result was, well, a mess!!!

A little lesson I've learned is that I don't have to completely strip the gobby paint on a piece of furnture.  It takes HOURS and I HATE using stripper.  So, I sanded down all the blobs, and used my Krylon spray primer.  It makes it look so smooth and you would never know there are a few layers of paint underneath. 

Here is the end result!
Painted in my favorite red with a black glaze to show off all the details and curves on this dresser!

Didn't it turn out pretty?  And I refinished it in a day thanks to some amazing primer!


  1. It is lovely....what kind of primer did you use?

  2. "Refinish gone wrong and then right" suggests a story of a furniture or home improvement project that initially had problems during the refinishing process but Using Sony Tv was eventually corrected or improved.