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Custom Order Executive Desk

Oh, how I wish I had been at DI the day this desk showed up!  I need one just like it!  But, luckily Emily had a good eye and saw the potential in this desk!

 We decided on the chocolate brown finish with black glazing. 

It looks so rich and I really like how the oak has a little texture so the glaze looked even better!  Hope you like it Emily!  (If you don't I'll buy it!!!)

A few months ago they were recarpeting my husband's work office so I took ALL his furniture home and refinished it like this.  There was the big metal filing cabinet, the light maple bookcase, the fake alder desk, and the desk with the sticker stuff on it that's supposed to look like wood. So, in one weekend we did the venitian plaster on the walls, and painted all the furniture so they wouldn't miss a beat on Monday when they returned to work.  The kicker?  I FORGOT to take before pics!!! Maybe I'll post the after but it's just not going to show the full effect.  I hate it when I do that!


  1. Wow! That looks amazng!! How do you do the black glaze? I love it!! cute Stuff!!

  2. The desk looks great! The brown with the black is a good technique I recently used those colors on a coffee table. Stop by for a blog visit :)

  3. is this for sale? I came across this blog by chance.... do you sell your pieces?