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I have a confession.  I'm really afraid of color.  Right now I have 3 rooms I'm getting ready to paint and  decorate, but I think I need to try something other than brown, black, and red! Here is an example of my decorating style.  I know it's boring, but it's what I like.  This is our guest bathroom and I think the only color is in the plant sitting on the vanity.  I've thought about painting in here, but all I would do is brush on a brown glaze. Ha ha. 
Soooo, I want to paint our guest bedroom but the only colors I can come up with are blue, white, and off-white.  Here's what I'm working with...

I want kind of a country chic type look.  Any color suggestions?  I'm keeping the bedspread, painting the furniture, and maybe doing board & battan on the walls like this. White furniture, sky blue walls?  Help! Give me your opinion & suggestions on other colors to tie in!


  1. I'm kind of in LOVE with mustard yellow right now. I think it would go with the board and battan. It's a little different than the blues and whites. You could also do a calming green. Good luck! I'm sure you'll figure it out.

    Also I want one of those red chairs you say you had 3 of. Do you still have any left?
    I need a sofa table or a slim dresser. If you get one let me know:)

  2. Ashleigh, I think I might try a green with it. Thanks for your input! I do still have 1 chair if you want it, and I'll keep my eye out for a sofa table. If you find one on your garage sale adventures and want it refinished, I can do that too!

  3. Hey, had to stop by again. i never made it to see the dresser in morgans room, but I saw it on here, way cute! I think you should try an english yellow. It would be really cute!!! I want to paint my family room yellow. And don't think yellow, go look at all the yellow family of colors at the store, way cute! :O)

  4. Sharley, I would love that chair. Call me and I can come pick it up)

  5. I have recently painted almost every room in my house. I am really into pale greens. I did a color called wooden spoon from Ace hardware. I also like grays mixed with greens. It gives an earthy feel but also looks elegant. There is also another color called greige (grey mixed with beige). That makes for a nice elegant color. And if you want to be adventureous, I painted my front room a color called "up-town girl. If you watch the show modern family, it's the color of Claire's living room. It is that really pretty blue. I love it and I accent with cranberry colors and black.