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Sorry to Keep Repeating Myself...

Since my daughter's college furniture turned out so cute, I decided to refinish a dresser like it to sell! 

Dresser: $145
Mirror:  $40
2 Lamps:  $30

Here's the Ugly Duckling before: 


  1. I love this dresser and the Ombre look. So cute. My 2 year olds favorite color is blue and she would probably love this but I want a tall dresser in her room.

  2. I absolutely love this dresser I want it for my daughter so bad it probably won't be here when I get paid on the 30th but I'm going to keep checking. Great job I love the colors

  3. ok- I want this, I SOOOO WANT THIS!!! I can come asap! This would be PERFECT for my daughters room!